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Below are a list of useful links, either motoring or web related.
The order in which they are placed in no way indicates a rating or preference.
To add a link on our page e-mail info@cartrans.co.uk with your site details and logo.

Parts, Services, Sales & Suppliers

www.ahspares.co.uk - The Austin Healey Parts Specialists

www.brianjames.co.uk - Brian James Trailers.

www.californiaclassicimports.com - California Classic Imports

www.carmoves.co.uk - Car Delivery Service

www.classiccarsforsale.co.uk - Classic Cars For Sale On Line

www.classiccartransportation.co.uk - Classic Car Transportation & Delivery Service

www.findaporsche.com - Philip Raby home pages of "Find a Porsche"

www.forza288.com - David Miller - The UK's leading Ferrari Specialist

www.highlandcardelivery.co.uk - Car Delivery Service For The Highlands Of Scotland

www.miniguy.com - California-based dealer/broker/importer of classic Minis and Mini Coopers

www.m-tech-cars.co.uk - Michael Waterjohns, Somerset. Mini Specialist !

www.moveacar4.me.uk - Specialist Car Transportation Service

www.paulcummings.co.uk - Specialist Car Broker

www.paul-stephens.com - Porsche Specialists

www.realcar.co.uk - Web pages of The Real Car Company, specialist dealers in early Rolls-Royce and Bentley Motor Cars.

www.sleeperpods.co.uk - Suppliers of GRP Sleeper Compartments

www.solwaydubs.co.uk - Watercooled VW Specialists

www.sportscartransportation.co.uk - Sports Car Delivery Service

www.timwalkerrestorations.co.uk - The Website of Buckinghamshire Based Tim Walker Restorations



Owners Clubs & Enthusiasts Sites

www.500race.org - The 500 Owners Association

www.67mustang.co.uk - The Mustang Owners Club Great Britain

www.680mo.org.uk - The 6/80& MO Club Website

www.a40farinaclub.co.uk - The Austin A40 Farina Club web pages.

www.allegroclubint.org.uk - The Allegro Club International

www.alvisoc.org - The Alvis Owners Club

www.americanautoclubuk.com - The UK's biggest American Auto Club.

www.amoc.org - The Aston Martin Owners Club

www.aroc-uk.com - Alfa Romeo Owners Club

www.asoc.co.uk - The Avenger and Sunbeam Owners Club

www.audiclub.co.uk - The Audi Owners Club

www.austin-healey-club.com - The UK's national Austin Healey Club

www.austin7.co.uk - The Scottish Austin Seven Club

www.austintendriversclub.com - The Austin Ten Drivers Club

www.autobahnstormers.co.uk - The number one club for owners of Big Vauxhalls and Opels

www.barcc.co.uk - Brooklands Automobilia and Regalia Collectors Club

www.bdcl.co.uk - The Bentley Drivers Club

www.beetlecabrio.co.uk - Exclusively for owners and enthusiasts of Karmann built VW air cooled cabrios.

www.bmwcarclubgb.co.uk - The BMW Car Club

www.boc.net - The Bristol Owners Club

www.borgward.org.uk - The Borgward Drivers Club

www.britishminiclub.co.uk - The British Mini Club, for the Mini you drive.

www.britishmadecarclub.co.uk - The British Made Car Club - For owners and enthusiasts of British made cars

www.btinternet.com/~phil.homer/vccc - The home of the Vauxhall Convertible Car Club

www.bugatti.co.uk/club - The Bugatti Club

www.bvs.org.uk - The Battery Vehicle Society

www.2cvgb.co.uk - The Deux Chevaux Club of Great Britain

www.cbccc.net - The Crash Box and Classic Car Club of Devon

www.chestervintage.org.uk - The Chester Vintage Enthusiasts Club

www.citroencarclub.org.uk - The Citroen and Panhard Club

www.co-oc.org - The Cambridge and Oxford Owners Club

www.cobraclub.com - The Cobra Replica Club

www.club-audi.co.uk - Club Audi caters for owners of all Audi models

www.clanownersclub.com - The Clan Owners Club

www.classiccamperclub.co.uk - Yep, the club for Classic Campers !

www.clubgti.com - The Volkswagen GTi Club

www.club-triumph.org.uk - Club Triumph

www.cortinaownersclub.co.uk - The Cortina Owners Club

www.corvetteuk.com - The webpages of the excellent Corvette Kingdom

www.crashboxclub.co.uk - The Crash Box and Classic Car Club

www.csccgb.co.uk - The Classic Saloon Car Club of Great Britain

www.cvpg.co.uk - Chiltern Vehicle Preservation Group

www.datsunworld.com - The Datsun Owners Club

www.dellowregister.co.uk - The Dellow Register

www.delorean.co.uk - The DeLorean Owners Club

www.devonvintagecarclub.org.uk - The Devon Vintage Car Club

www.dloc.org.uk - The Daimler and Lanchester Owners Club on line.

www.duttonownersclub.co.uk - The place for Dutton Owners, past present and future.

www.ea7c.com - The Essex Austin Seven Club

www.ecurie25.co.uk Ecurie25 offers some of the worlds greatest Performance Cars to its members.

www.ecuriebertelli.co.uk - Pre War Aston Martin Specialist

www.elva.com - The Elva Owners Club

www.fofh.co.uk - Friends Of Ferguson Heritage, for the little Grey Fergie

www.farbiosportscars.com - The excellent website of the excellent Farbio Sports Cars...

www.fiat500club.org.uk - The Fiat 500 Club.

www.fiatmotorclubgb.com - The club for owners and enthusiasts of all things Fiat

www.fordanglia105eownersclub.co.uk - The Ford Anglia 150e Owners Club

www.fordsierraclub.co.uk - Sierra Online pages and Owners Club

www.fsoc.co.uk - The Ford Sidevalve Owners Club

www.gentry-owners.co.uk - The Gentry Owners Club

www.gilbernoc.co.uk - The Gilbern Owners Club

www.giulietta.com - The Giulietta Register

www.healeyowners.co.uk - The Association of Healey Owners

www.hearseclub.co.uk - The Classic Hearse Register

www.hero.org.uk - The Historic Endurance Rallying Organisation

www.holdenuk.co.uk - The Holden UK Register

www.theimpclub.co.uk - The website of the Imp Club.

www.isetta-owners-club-gb.com - The GB Isetta Owners Club

www.jaguardriver.co.uk - The Jaguar Drivers Club.

www.jec.org.uk - The Jaguar Enthusiasts Club

www.jeepclub.co.uk - The Jeep Club

www.joc.org.uk - The Jensen Owners Club

www.jowettjupiter.co.uk - The Jupiter Owners Club

www.jtypevan.co.uk - The Morris J Type Van Register

www.kgoc-gb.org - Owners Club for the VW Karmann Ghia

www.team-kyoudai-racing.com - Drift & Drag Racing Team

www.lanciamotorclub.co.uk - The Lancia Motor Club 

www.landcrab.net - The Austin Land Crab Owners Club

www.lfoc.org - The Lea Francis Owners Club

www.lotus7club.co.uk - The Lotus 7 Club

www.lotusdriversclub.org - The Lotus Drivers Club

www.maestro.org.uk - The friendly Maestro and Montego Owners Club.

www.markthreeownersclub.com - The Mk3 Ford Cortina Owners Club

www.maseraticlub.co.uk - The Maserati Club

www.matra-club.co.uk - The Matra Enthusiasts Club

www.mmoc.org.uk - The Morris Minor Owners Club

www.mercedes-benzownersclub.co.uk - The Mercedes Benz Owners Club

www.mercedesclub.org.uk - The Mercedes Benz Owners Association

www.messerschmitt.co.uk - The Messerschmitt Owners Club

www.mgmagnette.com - The MG and Farina Register

www.mgoctagoncarclub.com - The MG Octagon Car Club

www.mgownersclub.co.uk - The MG Owners Club 

MG - The Classic Marque - The website for the MG enthusiast

www.minicooper.org - The Mini Cooper Register

www.minimarcos.org.uk - The Mini Marcos Club

www.miniownersclub.co.uk - The Mini Owners Club

www.minormonthly.co.uk - The Magazine For The Morris Minor Owner

www.mk1golfgti.co.uk - As The Name Suggests

www.mtwc.co.uk - The Morgan Three Wheeler Club

www.morrisminoroc.co.uk - The Morris Minor Owners Club

www.naylorcarclub.org.uk - The Naylor Car Club

www.ntoc.co.uk - The Nissan Turbo Owners Club

www.p6club.com - The Rover P6 Club

www.packardclub.org - The Packard Club

www.panthercarclub.com - The Panther Car Club

www.peerless-gt.co.uk - The Peerless and Warwick Owners Register

www.porscheclubgb.com - The Porsche Club GB

www.pwa7c.org - The Pre-War Austin Seven Club

www.quattroownersclub.com - The Audi Quattro Owners Club

www.renaultclassiccarclub.com - Home pages of the Renault Classic Car Club

www.renaultownersclub.com - Gt Britain Renault Owners Club

www.rileymotorclub.org - The Riley Motor Club

www.rileyrmclub.org.uk - The Riley RM Club

www.roverP4.com - The Rover P4 Drivers Guild

www.roverP5club.org.uk - The Rover P5 Club

www.roversd1club.co.uk - The website of the Rover SD1 Owners Club

www.rsownersclub.co.uk - The Ford RS Owners Club

www.saabclub.co.uk - The UK Saab Club

www.saabenthusiasts.co.uk - The Saab Enthusiasts Club

www.saoc.demon.co.uk - The Sunbeam Alpine Owners Club

www.scimitardriver.co.uk - The Scimitar Drivers Club

www.scimitarweb.com - The Reliant Sabre and Scimitar Owners Club

www.sre.gb.com - The Scottish Riley Club

www.sroc.org.uk - The Sunbeam Rapier Owners Club

www.ssvc.org.uk - The Volkswagen Split Screen Van Club

www.t2000register.org.uk - The Triumph 2000 / 2500 / 2.5 Register

www.tabforum.net - Forum For The Tab Caravan

www.the1100club.com - The BMC 1100 and 1300 Club

www.tipec.org.uk - The Independent Porsche Enthusiasts Club

www.traction-owners.co.uk - The Traction Owners Club

www.trdrivers.com - The Triumph TR Drivers Club

www.tr-register.co.uk - The Triumph TR Register

www.tssc.org.uk - Another favourite - The Triumph Sports Six Club

www.tvrcc.com - The TVR Car Club

www.vwcaddy.com - Online Community for the legendary VW Caddy

www.vw-caddy.co.uk - Yet More For The Caddy Owner

www.volvoclub.org.uk - The Volvo Owners Club

www.westfield-sportscars.co.uk/ - The home pages of Westfield Sports Cars, Dudley.

www.woodiecarclub.com - The Woodie Car Club for automotive wooden wonders.

www.x1-9ownersclub.org.uk - The X1-9 Owners Club

www.xkclub.com - The Jaguar XK Club

www.zclub.net - The Z Club


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