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Delivery Options

Enclosed Transportation

Our covered trailer is the perfect option for those special vehicles that may have just been restored, don't have any weather gear or maybe just don't get used on the road. Its heavyweight PVC cover keeps prying eyes and fingers away and acts as a discreet method of transporting vehicles to and from photo or film shoots.

Covered transportation is also worth considering on unrestored vehicles which may have unsecure panels or fittings. 

Size restrictions - 17ft total length, 6ft 7in total width, 5ft 10in height & 1950kg max weight 


Open Transportation

For most vehicles that will be used on the road on a regular basis we would generally recommend our open trailer or Mercedes car transporter. The trailer, like the covered one, is manufactured by Brian James and gives unrivalled stability and low loading capabilities.

Size restrictions - 16ft long (some rear overhang can be added) 6ft 7inch track & 2300kg total weight

Trade Plate Delivery

We would really only recommend this for newer vehicles which have been designed for motorway use. It can provide a cost effective solution to having two or three vehicles moved from the same location (one on the trailer, one on the truck and one being driven) or alternatively for European locations can significantly cut down on the overall price, taking into account the commercial ferry charges incurred by our tow vehicle.

It isn't necessary for the car to be taxed as it can be driven on trade plates. However it must be road legal mechanically and be either MOT'd or under 3yrs old.  


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